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Elem Security is the Kazakhstan branch of Elite Security Holding. This division specializes in supporting our multinational clients with the full range of high quality Elite Security services provided by the Holding across the territory of Kazakhstan. Elem Security operates out of Astana and has representative offices in Astana and Atyrau. Elite Security’s continued commitment to the needs of its customers resulted in this expansion into central Asia in order to meet the growing needs of our clientele. Accordingly, Elem Security’s management structure is directly integrated into Elite Security; therefore, all our experience and professionalism are directly available to our Clients in Kazakhstan. Elem Security represents our unique position as a specialist provider of security services in the former Soviet Union.

Elem, meaning peace in Kazakh, symbolizes our continued commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our Clients and their staff. This is through Elite Security’s ability to adapt to local cultures and provide services in any environment. An outline of all services provided by Elem Security can be found on the main website of Elite Security Holding.

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